Blue Razz Slushie on ICE - Emergency Vape Stash Vol.2

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Emergency Vape Stash Volume 2

Exclusive to Geelong Vape Co !!

Straight from the USA!!    Perfect as an All Day Vape

120ml - VG/PG: 70/30

 Note: This product is sold as 0mg nicotine

Blue Razz Slushie on ICE

Blue Razz Slushie on ICE is an exciting mix of blue raspberry and ice cold slush iced treats. It is a combination of fruit and cream on ICE,  expertly mixed to send you right down to vapers paradise. Imagine, if you will, the sweet comforting relief a raspberry slushie could bring on a hot summer day, that deliciously refreshing outbursts of "Mmnns" and "Ahhhhs", is the promise that blue razz gives.