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All About Nicotine

We get a lot of questions about nicotine here at The Geelong Vape Co, so we have decided to make a page dedicated to helping you understand it a bit better.

Due to the current laws in Australia we cannot legally sell or help you purchase nicotine, nor can anyone in Australia, however you can legally import your own nicotine e-liquid or a good option is to import a high strength nicotine base liquid and then add it to your juices that you purchase in Australia. This way you can decide on how much nicotine you need to help you get off cigarettes and slowly lower your nicotine to ween you off the addiction. 

This has been the most successful quiting method for a lot of our customers. Purchasing nicotine flavoured e-liquids does not give you the freedom that you get from adding your own nicotine base liquid to your own flavours. 

Our kind friends and neighbours at Mixology Vapes NZ offer Geelong Vape Co customers a discount for a 200ml bottle of 100mg nicotine.

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If you have any questions at all regarding this please do not hesitate to message us, we are happy to help!


Replaceable Coils.

If you opt for a starter kit or some form of mod with a sub-ohm tank or any other tank with replaceable coils this section is for you.

When you buy a new tank or replace a coil in your tank it is very important to prime your new coil head. This is achieved by dripping some juice down the inside of the coil and on the wicking ports on the outside of the coil. Usually a few drops down the centre of the coil is enough to get you going, or in the case of a coil head with multiple coils you want to put a few drops down the middle of each.You will perfect this over time but usually you will get a small amount of juice that will come out of the air flow ring at the bottom of the tank. Simply wipe this up then let the tank sit with the air flow fully closed for around 5 minutes.

Now that we are all primed up its time to break that coil in!

This is an overlooked step in replacing your coil. Instead of whacking that new coil with an instant 70 watts you want to close the air flow up until you have a slightly tighter draw. Now start at a low wattage and work your way up. On the baby beast tank we start at around 15 watts. Take a few vapes (you won't get much vapour), then move it up to 25 watts, take a few vapes and bump it up to 35 watts, take a few vapes and bump it up to 45 watts, follow this trend until you reach your desired wattage. Now you can open the airflow to how you like it and go for it! This is only achievable on a variable wattage mod.

Following these steps will increase the life of your coils and will decrease the chance of burning a coil out early. 

Lastly if you are vaping at higher wattages and getting burnt hits on your coils there is one more trick we like to use to get that juice flowing through that cotton. Go find Grandma's sewing kit and "borrow" a few sewing needles. We will use the TFV8 Baby Beast tank as an example again here. Run a needle through one wicking port and then out of the wicking port on the opposing side. This is a delicate process and you must be sure to take it easy and not bend your coil or rip your cotton out. Do this once at the top of the port and once at the bottom of the port. If you make the holes too big your coil will leak so start small and adjust as you go.


RDA's, RTA's, RDTA's, SUB-OHM TANK...... WTF?!

This is one thing that can look like hieroglyphics to people starting out. Basically these are different forms of the same thing. 

An RDA is a "Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser". This comprises of a deck that houses a coil or coils, a shallow well for juice, and some form of air flow to the coils. These are flavour machines! When you purchase an RDA you build the setups your self. This means building or purchasing pre-built coils, then cotton, and you will need a few tools like side cutters etc to get the job done. You insert your coil into the deck, then run your cotton through the coil, juice it up and go. RDA's are inconvenient for some and a must have for others. As the name suggests these are dripping atomisers which means you will be dripping every couple of vapes to keep that cotton juiced up! Please see links to video's for a more in depth understanding of these atomisers.

This is almost identical to an RDA in regards to rebuilding but now we have a tank full of e-liquid around the deck to keep that cotton saturated. These allow you to build custom flavour or cloud chasing setups while retaining the functionality of a standard sub ohm tank. Each one has its own differences which can make getting them right a little tricky sometimes but when you do they will reward you handsomely. Stuff too much cotton in those juice wells or coils and they wont wick the juice to the coil, this will result in burnt hits and disgust. Not enough cotton in those wells and you will have an e-liquid Niagara Falls coming out of your tank! 

An RDTA is an RDA with a tank underneath the coils to hold juice. These are a good option as it positions the coils nice and close to the mouth piece which produces great flavour, while having the tank underneath to supply e-liquid to your build. Once again these are fully rebuildable and currently the options on the market for coils, building supplies and cotton is endless.

The Sub ohm tank is for the person on the go. Basically this is a tank atomiser that uses coil heads below 1.0 ohm. They have become hugely popular due to their ease of use, their excellent flavour and cloud production and the wide range of replaceable coils that come with them. You will need to use a device that is capable of firing sub ohm coils. Some will come with a rebuildable deck but for the most part all the hard stuff mentioned above is done for you. The coil heads come pre-built, cotton and all. You simply screw the new coil head in, prime then break in and you're good to go. This is extremely handy for busy people, newbies or just as an all day vape solution to carry around. They rarely leak, they are easy to use and still produce excellent vapour. 

*If using any of these tanks you need to do some reading and understand what you're doing. Using a regulated mod is safer as they have in-built cut outs if you build a setup with too low resistances or too high resistances. Mechanical Mods are for experienced users only.