Nicotine in Australia - Where and How

Geelong Vape Co Nicotine Calculator
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Use our nicotine mixing calculator above to find out how much nicotine you will need to add to your RTV (Ready to Vape) juices. Look at the size of your RTV bottle, your desired nicotine strength and that is how much 100 ml/mg nicotine your put in that bottle.

Example: To turn a 60 ml RTV into 3mg nicotine: Add 1.8 ml of 100 ml/mg nicotine, shake well and voilà!

Currently, in Australia, nicotine is able to be imported for personal use but is not to be sold or gifted here. Hopefully one day this country will catch up with the times.

Where to Buy:

Our kind friends and neighbours at Mixology Vapes NZ offer Geelong Vape Co customers a discount for either a 100ml or 200ml bottle of 100mg nicotine.

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Choose the 100mg and PG base option

Normally takes about 3 to 4 business days to arrive.

200ml would mix 110 bottles of 60ml RTV's at 3mg. (This works out to less than  40 cents per bottle to make it nicotine)


Nicotine Mixing Tips: 

  • We always recommend buying your nicotine mixing liquid in 100mg/ml PG concentrate form.
  • Always try to wear gloves when working with nicotine. Even just getting nicotine on your hands can make you feel sick, get headaches, etc. Eyewear is also recommended in case of an upward splash.
  • If there is a spill and nicotine makes contact with your skin, wash yourself immediately.
  • Use syringes to move your nicotine from bottle to bottle when mixing.
  • After you are done with your nicotine mixing, clean up everything including your syringes and work space.
  • Keep your nicotine and any ejuices away from children in a safe place.

To extend the life of your nicotine base, store it in a cool dark place or even a freezer. You can remove it from the freezer awhile before you need to use it so it can liquify again. You can also fill up a small unicorn bottle from the larger nicotine bottle. Primarily keep the large one in the freezer and keep working from the smaller bottle only. That way the larger bottle isn’t becoming room temperatured every time you mix. This also makes the process simple and convenient.

 DISCLAIMER: This nicotine mixing calculator is just a guide to help you mix your nicotine correctly. Geelong Vape Co will not be held responsible for any injury, death or any other mishap from following this calculator. Always be safe when mixing nicotine and keep everything vape related away from children and pets, especially nicotine and ejuices.