Staggerton Beasts by Bones Coils

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Staggerton Beasts by Bones Coils

Unleash the beast with all the nooks and crannies for juice to get into, this is a welcome addition to any flavour chasers arsenal.

3x .5 SS316 ribbon core , 28g frames and 38g stag and fuse, 3mm ID, 5 wrap

0.22 to 0.3 (Single Coil)

0.11 to 0.15 (Dual Coil)

x2 per pack

Built in Australia using premium Sandvik Wire


At Bones Coils, we believe that simple is best. The coils we create are designed for both flavour and cloud when wanted.

All coils are made with Sandvik wire which is smelted in Sweden and milled in the USA to very high standards.

This ensures that there is no fillers and just pure metals in your coils.

All killer no filler

Bones Coils are made with SS316 because we believe it has a more pure flavour and can be used in VV, VW and temp control. So choose to vape your way.


These coils are not for the inexperienced, a solid knowledge of ohms law and battery safety are a must for coils to be used on a mechanical devise.

These coils are not designed for a series mechanical device. If coils are made for a series mechanical device it will have that stated in the name.

These coils are designed for Wattage mode and temp control in mind.