Dovpo x Suicide Mods Abyss Ether RBA Bridge

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Dovpo x Suicide Mods Abyss Ether RBA Bridge

This RBA isn't named after the Vaping Bogan x Suicide Mods collaboration RTA for nothing. Not only is it a great size for many different coil types and volumes, but you'll also get an extra three airflow pins to further condense or open your airflow, and even some extra drip tips for a truly special MTL experience.


1 x Dovpo x Suicide Mods Ether RBA Section w/ 3mm Airflow Pin pre-installed

3 x Airflow Pins (2mm, 1mm, 0.8mm)

1 x Integrated MTL Drip Tip w/ two top sleeves

 ** Note this is not a Boro Bridge - It is exclusively to fit the Abyss Mod

Coil Crackle recommendations: 

Breezetone Singles Coils:

The Ether bridge will easily handle a variety of MTL or RDL builds all with great customisable performance.

For either ‘proper’ MTL or a slightly looser MTL draw, this can easily be customised with the accompanying air pins to control the under-coil airflow and the Breezetones MTL Alien will fit this deck perfectly for great flavour, liquid efficiency and amazing low wattage crackle.

For a little more draw and coil performance for amazing RDL vaping, switch to the 3.0mm air pin and both Breezetones Singles Triple 28’s or Triple 30’s will also fit the Ether deck perfectly.

0.3 and 0.4 ohms respectively, there are lots of choices to dial in the perfect build for both wattage and resistance requirements, whilst maintaining incredible flavour, air flow options and liquid efficiency.


Breezteone Singles Triple 30’s

3/30/38 WireBuddha N80 2.5mm ID 4.5 wrap

Single 0.30 approx


Breezetone Singles Triple 28’s

3/28/38 WireBuddha N80 2.5mm ID 4.5 wrap

Single 0.40 approx