Efest 18350 10A 1200mAh Battery (Twin Pack)

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Efest 18350 10A 1200mAh Battery (Twin Pack)

The Efest 18350 10A 1200mAh battery is one of the best 18350 batteries on the market! It's a must have for 18350 mods so grab yours today!

2 pieces per pack

EFEST 18350 1200MAH 3.7V 10A



Always store batteries in a battery case

Never expose batteries to heat

Do not use if plastic wrap has any signs of damage

We recommend always using an external charger.

Battery safety is important.



Model: INR 18350 V1

Rate Capacity: 1200mAh

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Voltage of Discharging: 2.5V

Max Charging Current: 4A

Standard Charge: 2A