HohmTech Hohm Alone 18650 Battery

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HohmTech Hohm Alone 18650 Battery

HohmTech have arrived loudly and proudly! These cells are created in collaboration with Indonesia Chemistry, contain quality internal materials, incredibly low internal resistances and contain an ultra safe Poly Seal (stronger than road grade bitumen!) inside each cell. Plus, they're specifically developed and approved for vaping use, so be sure to support companies supporting safe battery use in our industry right here.

The Hohm Alone 18650 is a 3309mah capacity, 15.3A discharge rated cell. It is optimised for low wattage, Mouth to Lung (MTL) devices that don't need a lot of voltage or amperage but would love to run for a very long time. 



Capacity: 3309mah

Continuous Discharge Rate: 15.3A

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Capable of charging at up to 4.14A

Industry-unique QSP Li-NMC

Enhanced Positive Thermal Coeffecient keeps thermal runaway (a.k.a. battery venting) chances at an absolute minimum 

HT 5-brace top cap identifies each Hohmtech batteries' authenticity



Includes 1pc