Holy Fiber Wicking Material

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What is Holy Fiber Wicking Material ?


Holy fiber is not cotton! It’s a premium wicking material made from 100% “cellulose fiber”. 

Cellulose fibers come from Wood pulp and has a heat resistance of 420 ° C (where as most traditional cotton is 255 ° C)


Same like for the traditional cotton, there are few grades of cellulose fiber.

Our Cellulose fiber is not cosmetic grade but pharmaceutical grade (highest grade). It could be used for surgery and analytical laboratories. So it’s not like most of all the rayon fiber that are cosmetic grade (not suitable and not recommended for a vaping).

During its production process, the Holy Fiber is washed and purified to remove all traces of residue. At the end of the cycle, it is pure cellulose fiber (cellulose and nothing else). 

Holy Fiber meets all the requirements of the USP (united states pharmacopeia) which is the highest standards of quality.

The U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) is a scientific non profit organization that “sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed, and consumed worldwide


To complete we wanted to make sure that the holy fiber was suitable for vaping.

We had it analyzed by an independent laboratory specialized in the products of the vape

Not a single residue was found (please check attached the certificate of analysis).

For the analysis, we have used a French laboratory.

Why use a French lab? Because it is a laboratory specialized in analyzing TPD eliquid. They have the best knowledge for this type of product because they are used to analyse the eliquid for TPD registration.



Why Holy fiber is safer than cotton?


The problem in the vape is the dry hit that creates combustion (it produces carbon monoxide).

The cellulose fiber has a better heat resistance than cotton:

Cotton 255 ° C

Cellulose fiber radius 420 ° C

So it's harder to have a dry hit with cellulose fiber.

Cotton requires a lot of chemical treatments and even biological cottons require a lot of water that is not as pure as fiber.


Why use Holy fiber:

The cellulose fiber enhances the flavor and durability.

No parasitic taste, purity of flavor

Last longer than cotton

Increases the hit of nicotine

can be used for a high power vape by reducing the risk of dry hit

Easy to wick



Do not wick it like cotton, it's a bit different.

Make sure that there is no space between the wick and the coil but that the fiber can still move a little bit when you "pull" on one side or the other (you must hear a little squeak).