HQD HBAR 6000 Puff Mix Berries 0mg

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HQD HBAR 6000 Puff Mix Berries 0mg

Mix Berries is an exceptional disposable vape that delivers a satisfying experience. It features a sleek and modern design with a comfortable grip, making it perfect for vaping on the go.
One of the standout features of the HQD bar 6000 Puff is its massive 6000 puff count, which is significantly higher than most disposable vapes on the market. This means you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about running out of battery life or e-liquid.


Product Name: HQD hbar - 6000
Size: 19 x 42 x 88mm
Battery Capacity550mAh
Power Range7W
E-liquid Capacity12ml
Charging Port: Type-C
Material: Aluminium
Start Mode: Sensor
Disposable: Disposable

These HQD HBAR 6000 contain ZERO nicotine.

  • Ideal for weening off disposables with high nicotine content and continuing the hand to mouth habit.

  • Great for going out to a party / pub but without the nicotine

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