Nitecore UA55 5-Port USB Desktop Adapter

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Nitecore UA55 5-Port USB Desktop Adapter

You use a dozen devices in your day-to-day life, why should you need a dozen more to charge them up? The Nitecore UA55 is a USB to AC power adapter with a full house of five bays for concurrent charging. No more fighting over the charger – this adapter is great for the household, family vacation, or on-the-go businessperson. The intelligent management system will detect and adopt to the optimal charging current of the attached device, up to a jaw-dropping 10A output current (2A per port). The UA55 is compatible with smartphones, watches, cameras, tablets, game consoles, flashlights and more!


Length: 97.3mm (3.83")

Width: 68.4mm (2.69")

Height: 28.3mm (1.11")

Weight: 178.5g (6.3oz)