Stainless Steel 316L Ribbon (USA/Europe Milled) by Cloud Revolution

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Stainless Steel 316L Ribbon (USA/Europe Milled) by Cloud Revolution

Want ribbon wire that comes flat off the spool??? Look no further!!


This is not the stainless steel you buy at your local Bunnings. Smelted and Milled in the USA, this wire will keep your coils fancy. 

WB SS316L is good for use in standard power/wattage mode builds or if you would like a reduced amount of Nickel or just want to run it in Temperature Control mode. 

This wire may or may not be intended for standard single wire coil builds, this wire may be intended for advanced coil art and will not perform well as a standalone wire. Please make sure you are buying the most suitable wire for your build before purchasing.

Rebuilding is for experienced users only and a knowledge of ohms law should be taken into account when building coils for Rebuildable Atomizer’s. Always exercise caution building your atomizer, always check your build’s resistance on an ohm reader before firing it on any device. Coils that are touching any part of the deck, air flow controller or any part of the coil touching any of the atomizer’s posts can result in a short and can cause serious damage to your devices if not checked on an ohm reader before use. Make sure to use high drain and high amperage batteries when using advanced user devices.