Sublime V2 Vapour-Eyes Lime Pineapple Sorbet

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Sublime V2 Vapour-Eyes Lime Pineapple Sorbet

Reminiscent of a zesty lime and pineapple sorbet, with a touch of menthol lending a slight cool and creamy finish - this juice is incredibly hard to put down!

Sublime V2 has been missing from the VE family for more than a few months now due to new, highly restricted shipping conditions on some of the concentrates we use.

But with all hoops jumped and paperwork signed (again), here we are -Sublime V2 is back.

Good lord,I've missed this juice...

xoxo -M

V2has been reformulated to taste even better (believeit or not!!), with minimizedseparation issues at any temperature/VG/PG ratio - but as with all juice, please shake before use.

Warning: May crack plastic tanks

Flavour Profile


    Pineapple, Lime


    Fresh stone fruits, Cream

    Pair with

    Cider, fruit tea

    Recommended Steep Time Ok right away, shines aftera week
    VG:PG Blend 80% VG
    Nicotine Free Contains natural flavourings.