Uwell 15ml Hydraulic Juice Bank

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Uwell 15ml Hydraulic Juice Bank

Anyone who is and was a fan of the Ez Dripper will be very happy with this new offering. It works in a similar way, once the bottle itself is filled, all you have to do to redrip is take the cap off, and push the nozzle of the bottle down over the top of your RDA! It dispenses just the right amount (0.1ml) each time, so usually a couple of squirts and your atty is juiced perfectly! No mess, no fuss.

 The main improvement with the Juice Bank from its competitors is it is fully enclosed in a Stainless Steel shell, making it much more durable than any other bottle out there. The bottle itself is made of glass, so it does not retain any flavour whatsoever, and the cap has a solid magnet holding it in place for even the most rowdy traveller. It still shows the juice left through a window on the side though, so you know when it's time to fill up.

15mls doesn't seem like a lot, but for the price you're getting a best in class bottle that suits any RDA out there. The Oceans however many they're up to now aren't needed for this heist, you can just buy one today without the added inconvenience of being on the lam for forever!


  • Size: 24 x 100mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Quartz Glass
  • Stainless Steel construction for durability 
  • Internal glass bottle preserves the original flavor, prevents breakage or leaks and is easy to clean
  • Magnetic bottle cap 
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • 15ml capacity, and easy to check the juice level from side windows


What's in the box: 

1 x Uwell Juice Bank Bottle