Vaperz Cloud Sceptre Mech Tube Mod

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Vaperz Cloud Sceptre Mech Tube Mod

Vaperz Cloud made leaps and bounds for the industry years ago in the development of the VC-Tech Spring which consistently offered lower voltage drop and better performance from a mechanical switch unlike anything on the market.

Vaperz Cloud have pushed it to the next level in their newest device the Sceptre Mechanical Tube Mod, featuring a new and improved Comp-S Switch v2 to provide unmatched performance in the quality you have come to love and expect from this brand.



30mm - 28mm - 25mm Fitment Rings

Double VC Tech Switch

Comp-S Switch v2

Hybrid Connection

ULTEM Bottom Fire Button

Silver Plated Copper Contacts



1 x Vaperz Cloud Sceptre Mechanical Mod


WARNING: this product is for advanced users only and intended for people with a working knowledge of Ohms Law. If you cant work out the current draw from your resistance and battery Voltage or dont know what this means DONT BUY THIS MOD. Please if you have any questions regarding mech mods feel free to email us or call the shop before you make a purchase.