2 Golisi S35 21700 batteries 40A 3750 mAh

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2 Golisi S35 21700 batteries 40A 3750 mAh

Safe, durable, and as innovative as the mods it was designed to power, the Golisi S35 is a high-powered, high capacity, high energy density, performance-ready battery. It offers 3750 mAh capacity, and it is fully rechargeable. It provides high discharge current, excellent high constant discharging current, with a max of 40A, it is known to be the most advanced 21700 battery cell on the market. Made for long life, this battery can be recharged over 800 times. Additionally, it has been tested for safety, has passed the UL1643 standard, and it contains internal protection sheets within to refrain from over-discharging and over-charging. Get your Golisi S35 40A 21700 batteries today!

Note: All our batteries are genuine batteries. Be cautious of counterfeit 21700 batteries, which are generally re-wraps of lower amp limit batteries, and will possibly be unsafe for use in vaping devices.

What's Included:
2 Golisi S35 21700 batteries 40A 3750 mAh High Drain Batteries
Hard cover Case

Specs & Features
Dimensions: 21mm x 70mm
Capacity: 3700mAh
Constant Charge: 40A
Size: 21700
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Cut Off Voltage: 4.2V