Coil Building Wire

Coil Building Wire is perfect for the do it yourself coil builder. 

Vaping devices contain a battery that heats up a wire coil. As the coil is heated, e-liquid is converted to vapour as it flows through. Infinite possibilities exist to customise the coil and achieve your own unique vape. Sub ohm coils, and coils with lower ohm ratings produce warmer and larger amounts of vapour, whereas higher resistance coils provide less heat, less vapour, a cooler vape and maximum flavour.

We sell a huge range of coil building wire for expert vapers who create their own coils and newbies alike. Choose from our extensive range of wires; Kanthal A1, Nickel, Stainless Steel, SS316L, Nichrome 80 known as Ni80, Nichrome 90 known as Ni90 For those who’d like to try someone else’s wire coil, we have a range of pre-built coils to suit all needs.