Mysticoils MTL Alien 30 prebuilt coils

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Mysticoils MTL Alien 30 prebuilt coils

A brand new selection has arrived from a brand new vendor that's sure to give you a magic feeling: Mysticoils (pronounced Mystic Coils, not Oils)!

These handmade in Australia coils are ready and willing for any of your lovely rebuildable, crafted using only the finest Sandvik-grade wire from our friends at Cloud Revolution. Right here is where you'll find well loved Aliens, freshly made with the usual Nichrome 80, three cores and wrapped beautifully with de-cored claptons for that stunning hit of flavour and performance only Aliens provide.


MTL Alien 30:

Core: 3 x 30g Ni80
Fuse: 38g Ni80
6 wraps with a 2.5mm inner diameter
Resistance: Single Coil ~0.49 ohm / Dual Coil ~0.25 ohm