NK Nichrome Ni90 Round Wire

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NK Nichrome Ni90 Round Wire

Nichrome 90 is an alloy consisting of 90% Nickel, and 10% Chromium. It is ideally suited as a resistance wire heating alloy, with lower resistance than that of Nichrome 80 due to it's slightly higher nickel content. It has a high melting point and fantastic resistance to high temperature oxidation. This alloy offers superior service life compared to other Nichrome wire types due to the excellent adhesion properties of its surface oxide.

Ni90 Round Resistance Wire is perfect for the DIY coil builder.

Great ramp up time.

Available in the following gauges and are sold per roll:

26G - 30 FT

28G - 30 FT

38G - 500 FT

40G - 500 FT