Vapestix Disposable E-Cigarettes

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Vapestix Disposable E-Cigarettes

The NEW Disposable Vapes are lightweight and packed full of reformulated flavours from the original Disposable E-Cigarettes. Designed in Australia to create a sleek and compact design, the NEW Disposable Vapes are pocket-friendly with a flavour to suit every part of your day.

Designed in Australia

Sleek & Compact Design

Reformulated Flavours


Flavour Options:

Blueberry - Handpicked frozen blueberries with a fresh kick.

British Tobacco - Cured earthy tobacco, reminiscent of satisfyingly rolled rollies.

Double Apple - Crispy and fresh summer apples.

Energy Drink - Energize all your senses with that satisfying gulp of this booster.

Grape - A cold grape drink straight from out of the fridge.

Mango - The slippery sensation of juicy mangoes cut into bite size pieces.

Menthol - An invigoratingly cool sensation of minty spearmint.

Strawberry - Freshly picked ripened strawberries from the garden in spring.

Watermelon - Fresh, sweet, and juicy watermelon with a fresh hit every vape.